Mark Twain on Steglieno Cemetery: We will remember this after we’ve forgotten all the palaces

Necropolis literally means city of the dead. And there’s nothing like this open air museum, this cemetery called Steglieno, in a city like no other.

Mark Twain said, “We will remember this after we’ve forgotten all the palaces”

Atmospheric and dramatic, you could spend days dancing with the dead. All that old money spent on all these ancient statues. A peak experience, indeed.

The English asked to use their flag, barely a navy and needed assistance. They use it to this day. It still belongs to Genoa.

She produces pesto and she has history….even beat Venice, after beating everyone else as the most powerful maritime Republic.

Each time I visit, my state of mind is wrapped in melancholy, knowing once upon a time…..

La Superba…

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