Cemetery season continues with St. Peter’s in Salzburg – for all you Sound of Music fans.

Hey, if you’re late to my party I’m celebrating cemetery season. Transylvania and Vlad are coming up –

– along w/All Saints’ Day – a major holiday here in Europe, followed by All Souls on Nov 2nd.

Until then it’s time for Salzburg for I know it well and love the place to pieces: the Alps, the way they eat cake for breakfast, music for surround sound and eating wiener schnitzel in the oldest restaurant in Europe. (St. Peter Stiftskeller)

Here in Italy we call wiener schnitzel petti di pollo alla milanese – but seriously their cafe culture is still very much alive, where older men and women arrive with their large dogs and Bavarian hats, tuck in with their newspapers and books, eating their soft boiled eggs in their little egg cozy – it is quiet and their is ambiance

Now technically, I’m not sure this cemetery was in Sound of Music. It could have just inspired some of the set. I’ve posted plenty of fotos of Mirabelle gardens where Julie Andrews still permeates the very air…we love her…but that’s another….

.. here, you can see the wrought iron gates and what looks to be where the nuns helped out. Either way this cemetery is extraordinary, built out of a cliff face. The catacombs are carved into the rock. The oldest tombstone dates back to 1288.

One time we attended a midnight service in the cemetery, everyone held a candle and candles were lit alongside the entire cliff….a peak experience



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