‘Waiting for Godot’ effect on German prisoners was electric – and how Beckett regrets waiting

Samuel Beckett had a long association with prisoners because of the nature of this play. Later on, an American prisoner would become Beckett’s protege – however, before the English speaking world could see and struggle with the play, a German prisoner got the meaning behind “Man wartet auf Godot” back in ’53 .

The story btwn Beckett and the German prisoner is quite complicated. Above is a snippet in James Knowlson’s authorised biography of the Irish playwright.

Personally I love this play, had a cat named Beckett and a dog named after Godot. Everyone can relate to this play.

We’re all waiting……… for spring, love, the lottery, the cure, that phone call…. but no one has to wait quite like a prison inmate. And few understand how Godot arrived in the way a prison inmate knows his cell mate has…

In ’53 when the play opened in Paris a German inmate got ahold the play, translated it and when he got out, went to great lengths to find Beckett. Beckett would not see him.

According to the bio, safe to say Beckett probably wished he hadn’t waited…..

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