Time to take a drive through Transylvania to see Vlad

Stunning drive through Transylvania, from Prague to Bucharest, think we took this drive back in 2012. Wonderful way to see the world on Halloween.

Gorgeous castles, livestock along the way, the Danube river showed up every now and then although I cannot recall how many countries she flows through here in Europe.

While still driving through Romania, here’s a foto of the Roma homes, they call them ‘dirty houses’ due to way the money’s obtained. I assume. Once, when I was driving alone and stopped to take a pic, the Roma walked up to my car, slowly, with menace, encouraging me to leave, so I did. But did get a foto for you.

Roma architecture does resemble India, such is the history of gypsy migration. However, the mood was lighter between myself and the gypsies when we actually spent a year living in Bucharest. One day a young woman pretended like she didn’t have legs, sitting in a wheelchair, her legs cleverly covered – I gave her a coupla lira. The following day she was running along the street, carefree as a bird, perhaps looking for her next mark. When our eyes met, she just laughed. I did too.

Gorgeous landscape along this drive. I remember that sign Baile Felix. Felix means happy and lucky, I think, in Latin. Must keep that in mind.

We crossed so many borders along our nomadic journey. I suppose I too was a gypsy in my own way.

Through Hungary, thru the cemeteries of Romania, then to Sighisoara, the birth place of Vlad the Impaler who inspired the character Count Dracula.

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