Mysteriously, a ley line connects 7 monasteries, from Ireland to Israel

…with Sacra di San Michele in between. The monasteries include Skellig Michael in Ireland, St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, UK, Mont Saint-Michele in Normandy, France, Sacra di San Michele and Santuario di San Michele del Gargano in Italy, Island of Delos in Greece and Mount Carmel in Israel. So far I’ve travelled to two of them, and they are extraordinary.

My next book is about a 7 year pilgrimage, about magic and the personal legends of Piemonte. Until it comes out…

…here’s a post about a one day pilgrimage we took to Sacra di San Michele (Saint Michael’s Abbey) in 2019. Val di Susa, the longest valley along the Italian alps, surrounding the Abbey is also considered magical. Also located in Piemonte.

From the Stairway to death to the flying buttresses to the Tower of the Beautiful Alda – a pilgrimage in a day

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