flame-thrower or truth-teller – it must be Giorgia Meloni

She’s been all over twitter for the past few days.

However you feel about Meloni, geographically – Italy’s at a disadvantage, the human traffickers make it more difficult, and immigration have become a major issue. A weight upon the State.

When I lived in Paris for 3 yrs the issues were different, they didn’t assimilate as much as the French would like, but I no longer live there. I don’t see it on a daily basis. Here in Italy, I do.

Everyone does, in various ways. Suffice it to say immigration’s an issue in both Italy and France; they just don’t know what to do about it. Migration is the story of our world but too many are passing across so many borders too often.

Flame-thrower or truth-teller, she’s a pistol and she’s getting a lot of attention. From all over the planet; perhaps that’s why she’s in power.

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