Arrivederci America; as rights become privileges, then taken away…

Yesterday. What a day. Not only the death of reproductive rights for women but the passage of draconian voter suppression laws - on the same day - in Texas. Typical. Parts of New York were under water due to flash floods. New Jersey was hit by a tornado. Ida didn't just crush Louisiana, it reminded [...]

Is it because Americans have experienced their first war at home?

To read and listen to this constant coverage on Afghanistan is stunning. I don't recall this type of attention when we invaded the country 20 years ago. I understand it's newsworthy, surely, and creates clickbait, certainly. And people can't help but engage in the blame game but I wonder if this is partially due to [...]

Piemonte is full of shaman, witches and magic and Piemonte has changed me. Piemonte is a fairytale. That's why my next book is called, "Once upon a Time in Loazzolo; Tales of Piemonte" There is still magic left in their untouched land. I've interviewed 12 Piemontese and their stories are full of charm, and healers, shaman and witches - people still very much attached to their land. [...]

Thank you Victor Janusz, the great piano man from Seattle – what a lovely, feisty and funny review of “A European Odyssey”

MINI-REVIEW. "European Odyssey: How A Boxer's Daughter Found Grace" by Bailey Alexander . More info: (Disclaimer: I met the author 30 years ago in Seattle, both of us steeped in the entrepreneurial spirit, we helped each other at many turns-- her endless forays, which the book covers early on, and she joined my Seattle [...]

Tribal style in Afghanistan, America and Italy

Tribe: a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader. I've been using the word tribe since I arrived in Europe to help describe a nomadic life. People in each city were so [...]

Italy hopes to vax entire population by end of Sept

Italy's hoping to have nearly 100% of population vaxxed by end of September. We have the suppy - and - a country full of socially conscious souls, and probably enough hypochondriacs to make it happen. Sure, there's a few hiding underneath their bed or their brains, but there's hope. Especially when you consider where Italy [...]