A Couple of Europhiles deep dive into Super Mario Draghi’s maiden address. If not now; when.

Bailey and Francis deep dive into Mario Draghi's first address to the Senate; they cover how Italy will enter the non carbon economy, spending those precious recovery monies, along with the craziness of Italian politics. Draghi knows it's now time to stop playing games because he knows this money is a once in a lifetime [...]

Catch our latest episode on cultural realities and cultural dissonance; A Couple of Europhiles interview Dragana Sevic

Francis and Dragana discuss remote work and what it's like to work at the largest remote company in the world. Dragana is an expert project manager who firmly believes the virtual world can make teams feel closer. Dragana is also Serbian, so she's got a great accent and continues to work in Belgrade because this [...]

Our latest ‘A Couple of Europhiles’ podcast talks about Derek Delgaudio, Storytelling and Peak Experience

On this episode you'll get a free sample from my audible book A European Odyssey; How a Boxer's Daughter Found Grace, but first, some intimate stories from the 70's; surreal album covers, growing up with fastidious hippies, Harley Davidsons and Burt Bacharach. We'll venture further back in the time machine so you can enjoy a [...]

Feeling inspired by Derek Delgaudio; Peak Experiences and Death and Prayer in Positano

Bailey Alexander offers you a free sample of her audible book on Amazon, but first, some intimate stories from the 70's; surreal album covers with Edgar Winter, hippies and harley davidsons and Burt Bacharach. Then the time macine moves back and her mother shares her own peak experience and what it felt like to see [...]