With all that news, and all this time, why not write, or read Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ I named the dog on the left Godot, to remind me, to wait less and fail better.

No. 9 Limone, one of Piemonte’s secrets, time to go skiing…

Hello and buongiorno, it’s time to explore another one of Piemonte’s secrets; and this one is extra special because it was the one that introduced me to the Piemonte region in the first place.   It’s called Limone, a town often referred to as The Queen of the Maritime Alps.  There are two Limone’s, one nearContinue reading “No. 9 Limone, one of Piemonte’s secrets, time to go skiing…”


Storytelling has become massively popular. The personal memoir has become a massively populare genre – businessese must have a story to tell, even my pool can tell a story. Showing the cycles of seasonal life, the pool has its own arc; a lovely morning opens the day, full of bright Italian sun, then a dramaticContinue reading “Storytelling”

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