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Book Review for “A European Odyssey”

[Following is an official review of “A European Odyssey” by Bailey Alexander.] Bailey Alexander’s book is a memoir that stems from the author’s quest to discover her true identity. Bailey Alexander’s life was flourishing in Seattle. She had developed a successful business, got married, and even retired after five years of building her company. […]

Today’s weather report teases this is the last gasp of high summer heat. And now we must wait patiently for the vendemmia, with high hopes amidst strange days.

Our lovely gazebo flew away last week in the midst of a crazy summer thunder storm, apparently we have one every seven years, or so they say. I only arrived 7 years ago, so how would I know? I guess we could have nailed the gazebo down, but we didn’t; however, this was the second […]

Michel Barnier: Trade deal ‘unlikely’

Michel Barnier wraps up his statement by paraphrasing Sainte-Exupery: “A negotiation is not just looking at and talking to one another. It is to look together in the same direction” I’ve always assumed they will crash out, it does not look good, and in a way; it is a relief. The English gov’t is fundamentally […]

I will take you to dark places, like Auschwitz…

…yes, we shall go dark, along my odyssey, full of travel and pilgrimages, but I will also take you sailing to the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic, and to live with me in Paris, on the street with the longest name in la ville lumiere called rue de la Montagne-Sainte-Genevieve. You will find […]


Gary Lachman often turns me on to what I need to read, and what they’re writing about, like Maurice Nicoll, he wrote about our ‘essence’ as opposed to our personality. It reminded me of reading Joyce Carol Oates “Blonde” when she wrote about the essence of Marilyn and Ava Gardner; it was an extraordinary experience.

Another great review on Amazon…

5 Star This book will take you on a magical mystery tour that is the fascinating life of Bailey Alexander. You’ll laugh, perhaps shed a tear, and get lost in her adventures but always feel the author’s emtions through her skillfully crafted prose – Ron Elgin 5 Star: I laughed, cried, twisted, squinted, laughed some […]

Meanwhile in Piemonte; gothic fog.

Italy is so atmospheric, inspiring the first gothic novel to be set in Italy, titled, “The Castle of Otranto. The fog, the nebbia, lends to some of the finest wine in the world, and lest we forget, Bram Stoker, author of ‘Dracular’ died on this day in 1912.

Nice to know the Azores remains untouched

It restores the faith, knowing the remote island remains untouched from the virus. We sailed from Halifax to the Azores in 2002. I remember the pink and orange flowers, the white pickets fences and the finest drinking water…


Storytelling has become massively popular. The personal memoir has become a massively populare genre – businessese must have a story to tell, even my pool can tell a story. Showing the cycles of seasonal life, the pool has its own arc; a lovely morning opens the day, full of bright Italian sun, then a dramatic […]