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“It’s still hard to believe Trump won’t be president in a few weeks. I’m 41 years old and it feels like he’s been president my entire life”

Judd Legum, with over 450,000 followers tweeted this. He’s launching a new political newsletter called ‘Popular Information’. His tag lines reads, “for people who give a damn”. I wish him luck and quite liked his tweet.

Our podcast called “A Couple of Europhiles” is available on iTunes:

On Part One we discuss Brexit from the European perspective, including France, Germany, Ireland, Holland and the Nordic states. On Part Two we discuss the southern states, including Italy and Spain, and it’s a deep dive, and I hope you enjoy! Here’s the link:

Happiness and Politics

Happiness is fleeting, yet so sweet. My parents on their wedding day circa ’53, outside Muv’s home, in Saint Francis Wood, San Fran. Muv recalled Kennedy in ‘that way’ only once or twice – but that was her way – she wasn’t all that removed from Kennedy’s kind of world. When she married, they weren’t […]

Tales of The Vagabond Lady; Over the top and they’re all true.

For the price of a cup of coffee I offer flamboyant tales for your pleasure, packed with travel and parties left out my book. Finer details and frivolous bits that didn’t fit. They lend better to the short form because they are intense and panoramic. Sometimes you just crave a story. You will travel through […]

Another review from London

I was moved by this – and found it an enthralling read. A family secret is revealed early in the tale, and the dislocation it prompts is matched by a journey half way across the world. Bailey’s writing is light as air, keeping the right pace. The places are the main characters, and I could […]

The best reviews of “A European Odyssey” remind me; a good book inspires the reader to look at their own life.

A kind review on Amazon: “A wonderful reflection of a mother-daughter relationship embedded with travel throughout Europe that the writer depicted with wonderful observations of cultural layers of each nation visited. Made me reflect on my own journey as an American abroad”

Now we’re down to hours – 250 to go until 46 – yet I must focus on a microcosm of struggle, in a tiny town called Limone, Piemonte.

On top of the recent floods, beyond the two roads that remain closed to Limone, one from France, the other to Italy; they’ve recorded two new cases of Covid. Unlike Piemonte, down here, they rely on tourism. It’s such a special town, the kind of picaresque ski village that inspires all of Europe to flock […]

For the first time, our tiny hamlet, Loazzolo, almost 1500 years old and so small, reported its first case of covid.

This brings it home. Like everywhere, Italy’s cases have spiked, mostly young, they’re testing a lot, but it’s going to be tricky, isn’t it, these next several weeks. Curfews in Lombardy and down south. France is having a challenge, with everyone crammed into Paris, idiots going to the beach, without masks, hurts the Cote d’Azur, […]

13 days to 57, 18 days to 46. Apparently Bojo announced Brexit’s done, crashed out, game over. Which is news to the EU.

Alas, even though Downing Street has officially announced the deal dead. And I did predict a crash out – even so – Michele Barnier will arrive next week, as he should, the grown up. We all hope for the best even though everything is a mess and everyone will lose. Especially Kent, famously named the […]

15 days to 57, 19 to 46, divorce between EU and EU, imminent. 15 years ago I lived in Rome, for 3; and Godot arrived!

In spite of it all, life is fine. And, the audible version of my book is coming along nicely; due date – 57th birthday. I recorded it during the summer and started focusing on it, finally, after procrastinating and feeling intimidated by the process of editing and mastering my own book. Now that I’ve hit […]

For the first time the Venetians pressed the button – after 5 billion euro, 20 yrs of scandal, project completed, aptly named Moses – and it worked! No more aqua alta; a miracle. Godot has arrived.

The project is located in Arsenale, where they invented mass production, the assembly line, long before Ford came up with the idea. This is where the Venetians churned out their warships This is what made Venice so dangerous. La Serenissima…

The Man and A Woman from Azerbaijan, another war, and gathering around a Land Rover for consomme and vodka with a bunch of toffs.

Recently, my guy met a woman from Azerbaijan in Milan, with some other Italian business colleagues, and they discussed a potential project. Unfortunately, there’s a war on between the Armenians and Azerbaijanis, or rather Azeris as they are often called. The woman from Azerbaijan was deeply concerned, as her cousins and family members were being […]

Book Review for “A European Odyssey”

[Following is an official review of “A European Odyssey” by Bailey Alexander.] Bailey Alexander’s book is a memoir that stems from the author’s quest to discover her true identity. Bailey Alexander’s life was flourishing in Seattle. She had developed a successful business, got married, and even retired after five years of building her company. […]

Today’s weather report teases this is the last gasp of high summer heat. And now we must wait patiently for the vendemmia, with high hopes amidst strange days.

Our lovely gazebo flew away last week in the midst of a crazy summer thunder storm, apparently we have one every seven years, or so they say. I only arrived 7 years ago, so how would I know? I guess we could have nailed the gazebo down, but we didn’t; however, this was the second […]

“Possiamo anticipare soltanto…” “We can only anticipate…”

Asti (our province) specifically in Canelli (a nearby town) where this installation lives, produces world class Spumante. Although sparkling wine just doesn’t do it for me, it does make Americans, like me, of a certain age, think of Angie Dickinson, with Burt Bacharach singing in the background. Happiness….

Can it be true Italy’s hospital beds are empty of corona virus patients?

Several sources are reporting this, so perhaps it is. As an outsider observing closely, I think Italy has three items acting on its behalf. It’s a country full of hypochondriacs. Italians have an extraordinarily strong sense of social consciousness They respond well, when in crisis, this is when they turn on a dime.

Michel Barnier: Trade deal ‘unlikely’

Michel Barnier wraps up his statement by paraphrasing Sainte-Exupery: “A negotiation is not just looking at and talking to one another. It is to look together in the same direction” I’ve always assumed they will crash out, it does not look good, and in a way; it is a relief. The English gov’t is fundamentally […]


Gary Lachman often turns me on to what I need to read, and what they’re writing about, like Maurice Nicoll, he wrote about our ‘essence’ as opposed to our personality. It reminded me of reading Joyce Carol Oates “Blonde” when she wrote about the essence of Marilyn and Ava Gardner; it was an extraordinary experience.

Another great review on Amazon…

5 Star This book will take you on a magical mystery tour that is the fascinating life of Bailey Alexander. You’ll laugh, perhaps shed a tear, and get lost in her adventures but always feel the author’s emtions through her skillfully crafted prose – Ron Elgin 5 Star: I laughed, cried, twisted, squinted, laughed some […]


Storytelling has become massively popular. The personal memoir has become a massively populare genre – businessese must have a story to tell, even my pool can tell a story. Showing the cycles of seasonal life, the pool has its own arc; a lovely morning opens the day, full of bright Italian sun, then a dramatic […]