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Pool as a place for fantasy

At night, the lights are magical. Not quite as surreal as the fireflies, but close. During the day I do my laps, religiously, surrounded by the goddesses and Jesus and Buddha. Surrounded by the Sacred and the Profane. It’s not heated like the pools I grew up swimming in, on our block, in my youth. […]

As the world turns, tensions slowly subside, in Europe.

If you read my book, and you really should, A European Odyssey; How a boxer’s daughter found grace, I take you on a fantastic tour around Europe. Where I treat each country like a personality. Rome reminds us about the mythic twins, Venice as the world’s most glamorous aunt, Paris the prettier sister, Prague the […]

America’s Day of the Locusts

Modern America has reached its moment and don’t they know it. Democracy swirled around us for decades yet it may disappear right down the drain. Their moment of great change is coming; could be negative, could be positive; and don’t they know it, even if they don’t really know how to go about it. The […]

Italy and campanilismo; it’s provincial and parochial and it can also be charming and understandable.

What is campanilismo? It’s excessive civic pride, it’s an exaggerated attachment to the customs and traditions of one’s own town. It’s localism, parochialism, similar to provincialism. And here in Piemonte it’s intense, perhaps more evident, than other parts of Italy. It can inspire rivalry and discourage people from working together. It’s also charming and quite […]

Should I stay or should I go – ‘A Couple of Europhiles’ welcome back our man in Scotland: Patrick Evans

Are the Scots truly tired of having their country run by the country next door? At the moment it’s on a knife’s edge. Hopefully the question is put to the Scottish people. Hopefully the facts are put in front and the people can overcome the misinformation that was so prevalent in 2014. We’re happy to […]

In the land where pasta is al dente and the coffee tastes like a milkshake

Italy’s often considered a country of artisans. What they do well they do better than most – just watching Massimiliano Poggio make a Caffè Shakerato offers an example. Tomorrow Italy begins to open up. I wonder how tourism will unfold. Here in Piemonte they don’t rely on services and tourism, instead they spend most their […]

A little film about an extraordinary woman and her tiny food factory; a place where dreams come true.

Some stories are told through food. Soon, I’ll share the story of this extraordinary woman and her famous restaurant located in Cessole, Piemonte. It’s called Ristorante Madonna delle Neve. It’s known far and wide….and soon you’ll know about it too : ) For now, a little film about an amazing woman and the business she […]

The Gary Lachman Interview

“Lachman writes about philosophical and mystical ideas with exceptional grace, forcefulness and clarity.” – The Washington Post. ” The NYT – “Gary Lachman makes ideas thrilling”. Once upon a time Gary played bass guitar for Blondie. Today he’s a fantastic conversationalist and speaker; he continues to entertain, writing for the Guardian and other literary magazines. […]

Patrick Radden Keefe examines America’s addiction to drugs – and he also exposes another kind of addiction, to money – and this one’s evil. This book breaks my little American heart.

What a fantastic story teller. Last year I read his book “Say Nothing”, a true story about murder and memory in Ireland. Patrick Radden Keefe has a way of making a compelling story jump off the page, become personal and really resonate; the kind that lingers long after the reader has read the last word. […]

A little film about Lake Garda and how comics inspired Gary Lachman to go cosmic.

‘A Couple of Europhiles’ welcome Gary Lachman this week and it’s a trip. We discuss how to keep your mind open to synchronicity and Gary dives deep into mysticism, esotericism as well as imagination and consciousness. As we cycle around the lake you can listen to Gary’s youth and how he graduated from comics to […]

The most competent politician in the British Isles – her moment of truth looms large – go Nicola, go get ’em!

If Nicola Sturgeon gets the majority, her manifesto is to go for independence, and just look at the latest stats in Scotland: Over 60, they wanna stay, but those between 18 and 30, there’s a huuuuuge majority that cannot wait to leave. Go Nikki! We’ll take ya back. Europe loves Scotland! Quite the major event […]

“We keep beating the French, what can I say”

So said Fabrizio Garbarino during our interview this morning. Sig. Garbarino is President of the Roccaverano DOP Coop.; one of 12 interviews for my next book called, “Piemonte; the stories that need to be told”. I mean, it’s one thing to overtake the French in both quality and quantity of wine, which Italy did a […]

Are the “Troubles” returning? Let’s ask the Irish – The Carrie and Anthony McIntyre Interview – Part II

It’s time to provide our listeners with another chat with Carrie and Anthony McIntyre. It’s time to discuss the topical situation that is Northern Ireland. We predicted this would happen on our show not that many weeks ago. So sit back, have a listen, and enjoy Anthony’s lovely accent. Enjoy their contrasting views on the […]

No one knows how screwed up the Italians are more than the Italians – so we don’t need the English or the FT – grazie mille.

Gore Vidal once said if he wanted to know the truth he read the Italian newspapers. He spent decades living in Italy and he also lived in the middle of history. He knew everyone who was anyone. He was also a truth-teller, America’s biographer and prescient for 6 decades. Vidal exposed the national security state […]

The EU Vaccine program inspires the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare. Just look at the numbers; it’s a success story.

The fable comes to mind when reading this link. Thierry Breton, otherwise known as Mr. Vax at the commission is an industrialist, and his team have turned the EU into a vaccine powerhouse that is ramping up nicely, so says one commenter. Read all about it.

The Adventures of Gigi and Gaston and what fresh hell was that!

Once upon a time, after a nomadic lifestyle, I found a place to settle down. It was a magical place called Piemonte. Colette and Godot had enjoyed our paripatetic adventure for 16 years and I just had to bring another generation of papillons to come play and complete our new arcadia. As an American I […]

You want seasons? I’ll give you three; my first summer here, flowers in full bloom, in June. Last year’s gothic fog and today’s rain.

When I chose to settle down I wanted 4 seasons yet Piemonte came with so many of ’em. There’s a time to plant vegetables, pick the grapes, cut back the vines, stack the wood, cut back the roses, hunt for truffle, fertilize the lawn, switch from our well to city water, trim the hortensia to […]

Easter Sunday morning; replacing the priest with the car mechanic

This morning on Easter Sunday we interviewed Luigi, our car mechanic. I had to replace Don Piero, “The Priest Interview” – a most beloved character, but due to dialect, age, etc, even the local I asked to transcribe, the woman who conducted the interview, after a few listens simply said, “no, impossible to understand, sorry…” […]

Fairy Tales are everywhere in Piemonte. In Vernante, Pinocchio’s murals cover the town walls, and it’s charming.

I’ve been slightly obsessed with fairy tales lately. Seven years ago when I moved to Piemonte it felt like one. Not that I was expecting a happy ending; that would be asking for trouble. But fairy tales and folklore are ever present. They aren’t just in the stories Piemontese share when I interview them for […]

Italy’s Red Zone is like living in Dante’s Comedy; heaven meets hell on a daily basis. It’s still Italy, but everything’s closed.

Much of Italy is red, a few regions orange, and Sardinia was white, for a time, but only Sardinia could pull that off; Sardinia is like the one-off of Italy. So there I was, cycling home, getting ready to turn right towards the lake, where we live, past the place that is always packed, serving […]