Meanwhile here in Europe…

We could be forgiven for wondering why American liberals celebrate the distribution of assault rifles to untrained civilians in Ukraine and then…my goodness 200 mass shootings in America and it’s only May. We could be forgiven for wondering why Americans are sending billions of dollars worth of bombs to Ukraine, which will only kill people,Continue reading “Meanwhile here in Europe…”

Driving along the lake and through the tunnels on Lake Garda

A few friends are renting cars and traveling around the lake this summer. It’s lovely and a stunning drive; here’s a few vids taken over the years. After 20 of them, the drive remains as pretty as the very first time. Lake Garda’s the largest lake in Italy, every once in a while there’s anContinue reading “Driving along the lake and through the tunnels on Lake Garda”

Do I miss the pool…

…no, not yet. And certainly not all the work that went into making it look just right – chlorine so low I could swim laps daily, chemicals in balance, almost perfect – no, not yet. Perhaps I haven’t had the time to miss Piemonte. Certainly not all that time it took to create such aContinue reading “Do I miss the pool…”

The Reading Season: “The Pilgrimage”

by Paulo Coelho. A spiritual recollection of Paulo’s experiences as he makes his way across northern Spain on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. A contemporary quest for ancient wisdom. If you’re in need of a guide to self-discovery this is your book. We observe. We observe Paulo’s pain, it’s like watching another go throughContinue reading “The Reading Season: “The Pilgrimage””

Of course it’s perfect; it’s Stanley Tucci in Piemonte!

CNN: From exquisite white truffles to rich risottos and the finest wines, Piedmont is a gastronomic paradise. In the second episode of season two of “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy,” the actor visits Italy’s far northwest region, which borders France and Switzerland. Below is a guide to where you can find some of the dishes Tucci devouredContinue reading “Of course it’s perfect; it’s Stanley Tucci in Piemonte!”

Culture of fear

Some call it the climate of fear but we’re all concerned – Only 19 weeks into the year – America has already seen 198 mass shootings. There’s a reason I haven’t been back in over a decade. And many decades before, in the early 90’s I directed drag shows, I even opened for Ru Paul,Continue reading “Culture of fear”

A minute of wind on Lake Garda

So many winds to choose from here on Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake – located two hours west of Venice and one hour from Europe’s most romantic balcony in Verona. The two main winds are called Peler, and Ora. Peler blows from the north, affecting the whole lake, but particularly the central and northern areas. It starts in theContinue reading “A minute of wind on Lake Garda”

Difference btwn Come and Lake Garda

Last night while stirring in the saffron to make risotto alla milanese, windows open, offering a breeze throughout the house, my trance was broken by a very distinct mechanical sound. I picked up my glass of Pinot Grigio, perhaps to brace myself and stepped out to the balcony. I stood there and watched several millionContinue reading “Difference btwn Come and Lake Garda”

“Superheroes of Piemonte” – Anna Fila Robattino

In this wicked wicked world, it’s time to post a note about Anna Fila Robattino and what it’s like to take an herbal hike near her home in Olme Gentile. If you’re in Piemonte, it’s a particualar pleasure. She’s in my next book and when you read it; you’ll know why. She offers these fantasticContinue reading ““Superheroes of Piemonte” – Anna Fila Robattino”

The Carrie and Anthony McIntyre Interview: historic NI elections 2022

A Couple of Europhiles interview our favorite Irish couple. Carrie and Anthony are great company, freethinkers and they have a thing or two to say about the recent elections in Northern Ireland where Sinn Fein has achieved a historic majority. It’s a pleasure to hear their perspective and I think you’ll enjoy Anthony’s lovely accent.Continue reading “The Carrie and Anthony McIntyre Interview: historic NI elections 2022”

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