Autumn in Amsterdam, everything your heart did desire inside, and outside the city – Van Gogh’s Cafe Terrace at Night

Ten years ago we lived in Amsterdam, and damn it was fun. Lots of dinner parties, a brownie every now and then, but really, our location was ideal. We lived a block from some of Europe's best cafe culture, where we'd sit at Cafe Luxemburg and watch the world cycle by... It was just a [...]

What it’s like at 17:57 on Lake Garda and how German elections remain on a knife’s edge

Here on Lake Garda, the lighting is beautiful and I'm still surrounded by the German accent. Soon, they will all leave their 'second homes' and go back to Germany but today, before they vote in their next leader it's very much in the air as to who will win the German Federal Election. Merkel is [...]