Why am I not surprised – Piemonte has vending machines with fresh salad and the finest beef – so typical

Vending machines like this one aren't so common but vending machines selling milk, very. I remember seeing them in Switzerland about a decade ago and of course, France - in Italy, everywhere. Allowing the farmer to cut out the middle brokers, allowing 'cow to consumer' - in this, they are not unique. And it makes [...]

Amazing how such a small place can loom so large – without Limone we wouldn’t have landed in Loazzolo.

In front of the bakery of my guy's grandfather. Preparing my bag of chocolatesThe murals of Pinoccio in the town of Vernante A day in Limone is a day well spent - time never feels wasted here. In the morning I gather lavender and a white rose from our garden here in Loazzolo and wrap [...]

Italy and France and the Green Pass

Alors, it appears Macron has backed down a bit with lesser fines, etc. The French being the French and their love of protest. I remember living there, and loving it, and cycling around town with Colette and Godot - please see above. Allora, Draghi, and this country full of artisans, hypochondriacs and socially conscious citizens, [...]

‘A Couple of Europhiles’ cover EU politics; Merkel’s swan song, the Bavarians, the next Bundestag, Draghi, Macron – and Covid, of course.

On this episode I discuss with Francis the 'changing of the guard' in European politics. How Macron will crush Le Pen and Barnier's role in centre right French politics. We cover Merkel's Swan Song, her successors, the Bavarians and the next Bundestag elections in September. Then on to our favorite topic; Italy! How Draghi may [...]

Climate does change, and it happens so fast.

https://videopress.com/v/T3ctbV8R?preloadContent=metadata Arrived in Riva yesterday, jumped on my bicycle and 5 minutes later this crazy storm errupted. I was at the piazza, parked my bike and ran into Cafe Italia. Surrounded by German tourists, I ordered a glass of white wine and watched. I've seen storms before, but this was dramatic, perhaps even unique. We [...]