The EU Vaccine program inspires the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare. Just look at the numbers; it’s a success story.

The fable comes to mind when reading this link. Thierry Breton, otherwise known as Mr. Vax at the commission is an industrialist, and his team have turned the EU into a vaccine powerhouse that is ramping up nicely, so says one commenter. Read all about it.

The Adventures of Gigi and Gaston and what fresh hell was that!

Once upon a time, after a nomadic lifestyle, I found a place to settle down. It was a magical place called Piemonte. Colette and Godot had enjoyed our paripatetic adventure for 16 years and I just had to bring another generation of papillons to come play and complete our new arcadia. As an American I [...]

You want seasons? I’ll give you three; my first summer here, flowers in full bloom, in June. Last year’s gothic fog and today’s rain. When I chose to settle down I wanted 4 seasons yet Piemonte came with so many of 'em. There's a time to plant vegetables, pick the grapes, cut back the vines, stack the wood, cut back the roses, hunt for truffle, fertilize the lawn, switch from our well to city water, trim the hortensia [...]

Easter Sunday morning; replacing the priest with the car mechanic

This morning on Easter Sunday we interviewed Luigi, our car mechanic. I had to replace Don Piero, "The Priest Interview" - a most beloved character, but due to dialect, age, etc, even the local I asked to transcribe, the woman who conducted the interview, after a few listens simply said, "no, impossible to understand, sorry..." [...]

Fairy Tales are everywhere in Piemonte. In Vernante, Pinocchio’s murals cover the town walls, and it’s charming.

Pinocchio mural near Limone, Piemonte I've been slightly obsessed with fairy tales lately. Seven years ago when I moved to Piemonte it felt like one. Not that I was expecting a happy ending; that would be asking for trouble. But fairy tales and folklore are ever present. They aren't just in the stories Piemontese share [...]

Italy’s Red Zone is like living in Dante’s Comedy; heaven meets hell on a daily basis. It’s still Italy, but everything’s closed.

Much of Italy is red, a few regions orange, and Sardinia was white, for a time, but only Sardinia could pull that off; Sardinia is like the one-off of Italy. So there I was, cycling home, getting ready to turn right towards the lake, where we live, past the place that is always packed, serving [...]