Germans soak up the sun and the essence of Italy

It’s such a pretty place for two cultures to collide. Germans and Italians overlap so nicely on Lake Garda – the former can be rigid and the latter is so relaxed; it’s a perfect match. One requires process while the other’s quite fine with chaos. The Austrian needs to see this to believe it andContinue reading “Germans soak up the sun and the essence of Italy”

She was as old as the Nile yet I met few who relished the future

My mother was my muse and she had secrets. Thankfully I got to share them in my book. She would have approved; we understood one another without words. She was as old as the Nile, yet I met few who relished the future so much, that carried this profoundly immense ability to feel in awe,Continue reading “She was as old as the Nile yet I met few who relished the future”

Ferragosto and when time stopped

Today is Ferragosto, it originates from Feriae Augusti, the festival of Emperor Augustus. When we lived in the eternal city, in Rome 20 yrs ago, life shut down this time of year, completely. For two weeks, time stopped, not that it ever really seemed to exist beyond Rome. Such as it was in the eternalContinue reading “Ferragosto and when time stopped”

Finding your bliss like Chef Piera

I’m writing about Chef Piera in my next book called, “Personal Legends of Piemonte”. Chef Piera reminds me of Joseph Campbell’s idea about Finding your bliss. It goes something like this: If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and theContinue reading “Finding your bliss like Chef Piera”

Bourdain’s Field Notes: Mexico

Anthony Bourdain’s wiki page: an American celebrity chef, author and travel documentarian who starred in programs focusing on the exploration of international culture, cuisine, and the human condition. And what perspective! I wish I’d visited Mexico but he sure did. Notes on Mexico: Americans love Mexican food. We consume nachos, tacos, burritos, tortas, enchiladas, tamales and anything resembling Mexican in enormousContinue reading “Bourdain’s Field Notes: Mexico”

Are you journaling?

Just a friendly reminder to fellow writers out there – keep doodling and writing and recording everything you can. It’s proved critical. For me it’s like shopping for milk, if I forget it I’ll regret it later on. Going through my journals, no matter how trivial the entry, and most are….it not only provides details,Continue reading “Are you journaling?”

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