You have to take a train, and a bike, but it’s worth it.

When I lived in Amsterdam I thought it would be as easy as a walk down the street to see ‘Cafe Terrace at Night’. This was a favorite Van Gogh – however it wasn’t located in the city center. A minor trip was required to see a major piece of art. In fact I hadContinue reading “You have to take a train, and a bike, but it’s worth it.”

I’m neither the police nor a politician

I can’t patrol or control anything but my very own little space. Where I imagine and find solitude however I can. Where I can think and be grateful, to create and contemplate on how to be positive and contribute to our collective conscious. By providing pretty little pictures and personal feelings for free. However, latelyContinue reading “I’m neither the police nor a politician”

I just thought it’d be a fun romp…

…and yet it still moves me days after watching the documentary on Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman. For a couple that had to pretend for a living there was no pretense offered in this documentary by Ethan Hawke. It’s mesmerizing even though it’s long. We go deep into their marriage and it lasted so manyContinue reading “I just thought it’d be a fun romp…”

It’s just a photo

And yet a half dozen ideas collide in the mind; cities, clothes and robes, curiosity about a book called The Exorcist, war and more importantly – faith. The photo was taken about 20 years ago in Hyde Park. I asked the husband to take it, his wife in the middle, her sister to our left.Continue reading “It’s just a photo”

Italians prefer “controlled chaos”

If there’s political mystery at the heart of Italian government, it’s this; Italians just don’t like a strong government. Once upon a time Renzi made a move for constitutional reform. He took it to the people. They replied with an emphatic no. They like their government fragile – as if to keep their leaders onContinue reading “Italians prefer “controlled chaos””

East and West met, fell in love thru art, now war’s a new affair for the Russian.

A failed composer who became father of modern art – this man, this Russian called Diaghilev – introduced the east to the west through ballet and it was love at first sight. The costumes were tribal, exotic, over the top, each dress as independent as a sign post. Russian orthodox priestly robes and icons, CassockContinue reading “East and West met, fell in love thru art, now war’s a new affair for the Russian.”

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