When I moved to Piemonte I had aspirations but soon realised it wasn’t just about learning how to listen to the trees. A story began to unfold…

I had moved so many times and met so many interesting people. But for the first time I wasn't keen on meeting more friends, instead I was consumed with the land, about learning how to become self-sufficient. I was focused on finishing my book detailing the odyssey taken to get here; and yet the people [...]

Reading “Blindspots: 21 Good Reasons to Think before you Talk” by Christian de Quincey

My world is all about editing. I spend hours editing my podcast, and when I'm not editing A Couple of Europhiles, I'm editing my next book called "Piemonte; the secret that needs to be told". That's one of the reasons Christian's book got my attention. It offers 21 reasons to think before you talk. And [...]

Tales of The Vagabond Lady; Over the top and they’re all true.

https://videopress.com/v/6YNFwJmp?controls=false&preloadContent=metadata For the price of a cup of coffee I offer flamboyant tales for your pleasure, packed with travel and parties left out my book. Finer details and frivolous bits that didn't fit. They lend better to the short form because they are intense and panoramic. Sometimes you just crave a story. You will travel [...]

The best reviews of “A European Odyssey” remind me; a good book inspires the reader to look at their own life.

A kind review on Amazon: "A wonderful reflection of a mother-daughter relationship embedded with travel throughout Europe that the writer depicted with wonderful observations of cultural layers of each nation visited. Made me reflect on my own journey as an American abroad"

An interesting review of my book, from a Russian who happens to be an expat in Prague; another soul on our journey.

"A European Odyssey; How a boxer's daughter found grace" Lola Voronina's review: Journey is life An honest guide to expat life written by a true explorer and adventurer. A precise life story filled with joy and grief, social interaction and loneliness, idleness and hard work. If ever you have thought of leaving behind the mandanity [...]

Book Review for “A European Odyssey”

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "A European Odyssey" by Bailey Alexander.] Bailey Alexander's book is a memoir that stems from the author's quest to discover her true identity. Bailey Alexander's life was flourishing in Seattle. She had developed a successful business, got married, and even retired after five years of building her company. [...]