A Couple of Europhiles deep dive into Super Mario Draghi’s maiden address. If not now; when.

Bailey and Francis deep dive into Mario Draghi's first address to the Senate; they cover how Italy will enter the non carbon economy, spending those precious recovery monies, along with the craziness of Italian politics. Draghi knows it's now time to stop playing games because he knows this money is a once in a lifetime [...]

Feeling inspired by Derek Delgaudio; Peak Experiences and Death and Prayer in Positano

Bailey Alexander offers you a free sample of her audible book on Amazon, but first, some intimate stories from the 70's; surreal album covers with Edgar Winter, hippies and harley davidsons and Burt Bacharach. Then the time macine moves back and her mother shares her own peak experience and what it felt like to see [...]

‘A Couple of Europhiles’ provide a Complete breakdown of Covid; by Country and by Vaccine.

Bailey and Francis cover Covid, including the vaccine wars, and why it's strategically important that each country develop their own. In this episode they cover the recent drama between the EU and the UK and precisely why contracts must be honoured. They discuss EU regulations, lessons learned and vaccine nationalism. And how US investment was [...]

The Ralph Brenner Interview

A Couple of Europhiles welcomes Ralph Brenner to the podcast. Ralph is a distinguished technologist from Seattle, holds multiple patents, and he's also produced and performed in over 200 flash mobs, spanning 5 continents - performing with the likes of Katy Perry and Jennifer Hudson. He's been caught in an elevator with Priyanka Chopra and [...]

You know when you can’t express something, and someone else captures its essence? Gary Lachman nails it in his article about the event at the Capitol, including Trumpism, why this may be an opener, chaos magick, conspiracy theories and what the progressive critics missed. It’s such an insightful article I read it out loud on our podcast.

If you wish to read the article it's available at garylachman.co.uk

A Couple of Europhiles discuss Remote Work, Bitcoin, Korean acting and oh so much more.

Bailey and Francis discuss China and Russia and gratefully say auf Wiedersehen to Brexit. Our year end episode includes the drama behind the Armenian-Azerbaijan war, the celebration of Moldova electing their first female president, along with the joy of watching Korea's progress in both acting and content. Why not! We thank those who participated in [...]

The Millennial Interview: Alessandra Saluti

Alessandra Saluti is a third culture kid born in the San Francisco Bay Area and raised in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. She graduated with a degree in political science from Wellesley college in 2016. After spending some time in France, she moved to Rome and currently works as a freelance translator. We covered many issues, including [...]