Italy and campanilismo; it’s provincial and parochial and it can also be charming and understandable.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA What is campanilismo? It's excessive civic pride, it's an exaggerated attachment to the customs and traditions of one's own town. It's localism, parochialism, similar to provincialism. And here in Piemonte it's intense, perhaps more evident, than other parts of Italy. It can inspire rivalry and discourage people from working together. It's [...]

Should I stay or should I go – ‘A Couple of Europhiles’ welcome back our man in Scotland: Patrick Evans

Are the Scots truly tired of having their country run by the country next door? At the moment it's on a knife's edge. Hopefully the question is put to the Scottish people. Hopefully the facts are put in front and the people can overcome the misinformation that was so prevalent in 2014. We're happy to [...]

In the land where pasta is al dente and the coffee tastes like a milkshake Italy's often considered a country of artisans. What they do well they do better than most - just watching Massimiliano Poggio make a Caffè Shakerato offers an example. Tomorrow Italy begins to open up. I wonder how tourism will unfold. Here in Piemonte they don't rely on services and tourism, instead they spend most [...]

A little film about an extraordinary woman and her tiny food factory; a place where dreams come true. Some stories are told through food. Soon, I'll share the story of this extraordinary woman and her famous restaurant located in Cessole, Piemonte. It's called Ristorante Madonna delle Neve. It's known far and wide....and soon you'll know about it too : ) For now, a little film about an amazing woman and the business [...]

The Gary Lachman Interview

"Lachman writes about philosophical and mystical ideas with exceptional grace, forcefulness and clarity." - The Washington Post. " The NYT - "Gary Lachman makes ideas thrilling". Once upon a time Gary played bass guitar for Blondie. Today he's a fantastic conversationalist and speaker; he continues to entertain, writing for the Guardian and other literary magazines. [...]

A little film about Lake Garda and how comics inspired Gary Lachman to go cosmic.

'A Couple of Europhiles' welcome Gary Lachman this week and it's a trip. We discuss how to keep your mind open to synchronicity and Gary dives deep into mysticism, esotericism as well as imagination and consciousness. As we cycle around the lake you can listen to Gary's youth and how he graduated from comics to [...]

“We keep beating the French, what can I say”

So said Fabrizio Garbarino during our interview this morning. Sig. Garbarino is President of the Roccaverano DOP Coop.; one of 12 interviews for my next book called, "Piemonte; the stories that need to be told". I mean, it's one thing to overtake the French in both quality and quantity of wine, which Italy did a [...]

Easter Sunday morning; replacing the priest with the car mechanic

This morning on Easter Sunday we interviewed Luigi, our car mechanic. I had to replace Don Piero, "The Priest Interview" - a most beloved character, but due to dialect, age, etc, even the local I asked to transcribe, the woman who conducted the interview, after a few listens simply said, "no, impossible to understand, sorry..." [...]