Our latest ‘A Couple of Europhiles’ podcast talks about Derek Delgaudio, Storytelling and Peak Experience

On this episode you'll get a free sample from my audible book A European Odyssey; How a Boxer's Daughter Found Grace, but first, some intimate stories from the 70's; surreal album covers, growing up with fastidious hippies, Harley Davidsons and Burt Bacharach. We'll venture further back in the time machine so you can enjoy a [...]

When I moved to Piemonte I had aspirations but soon realised it wasn’t just about learning how to listen to the trees. A story began to unfold…

I had moved so many times and met so many interesting people. But for the first time I wasn't keen on meeting more friends, instead I was consumed with the land, about learning how to become self-sufficient. I was focused on finishing my book detailing the odyssey taken to get here; and yet the people [...]

‘A Couple of Europhiles’ was honored to interview Stefan Michael Caballo on this week’s podcast.

We covered a lot of cultural realities and difference between Italy and Switzerland, explored constitutional articles and their modern relevance, as well as the legendary Alpini! Check us out on Apple iTunes, here's the link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/a-couple-of-europhiles-on-cultural-realities/id1540597546

Step inside the factory, enjoy the fantasy of a favorite dish; the reality of how family and food stay strong in Italy.

https://videopress.com/v/3zvt8xtq?preloadContent=metadata Interview No. 7: yet another amazing interview, a wondrous tale, a fantastic story about an old woman with an apron. How she built an incredible business, beloved and well known across borders. It's called Madonna Delle Neve, in Cessole, in the region of Piemonte. My next book will include a 12 interviews with 12 [...]

Today’s interview; a Priest named Don Piero. A ‘one off’ as we say in the Anglo world. And most beloved.

At 87, Don Piero is now retired, still animated, small in stature with a personality that looms large. Very sweet and very much in love with his church. One that lives in a nearby town, built in 1779, in Cesole. He showed us many spaces within, architecture full of Roman arches, along with the first [...]

“The Monica and Alberto interview” When you think of old school Piemontese producers, they are the ‘it’ couple. They are both solid, with fantastic stories, and they’re funny. Alberto’s family’s been farming our valley since before America’s founding fathers even got going…

This project, my next book, a series of interviews with the Piemontese will be available in both English and Italian. It's a complicated process, labor intensive and unfolding in a relatively profound way. Stay tuned...

Extraordinary woman, extraordinary interview. Anna Fila Robattino

My first book, "A European Odyssey" started with a secret that had to be told. This set me on a twenty year odyssey, starting in Seattle, a former home, and ending up in a place called Piemonte, located in northwest Italy. My next book "The secret that needs to be told" will reveal the secrets [...]