The Adventures of Gigi and Gaston and what fresh hell was that!

Once upon a time, after a nomadic lifestyle, I found a place to settle down. It was a magical place called Piemonte. Colette and Godot had enjoyed our paripatetic adventure for 16 years and I just had to bring another generation of papillons to come play and complete our new arcadia. As an American I [...]

What the hell and who in heaven’s name is QAnon; this vid and these experts, including Gary Lachman, do help explain away. Rebel Wisdom, on youtube, explains QAnon like this, and I can only paraphrase. "It's an all encompassing conspiracy theory, the kind that explains everything. It's like a religious, no, scratch that, it's a deeply religious mindset, it's an ecstatic religious movement. QAnon must be trusted, apparently, and, it's perfectly designed to give its followers [...]