oh my goodness those short storms on Lake Garda

They are intense and they do not last long. Here on the lake fair weather turns foul and I could not be more grateful. The heat evaporates and we fantasize the ozone layer has been healed. At least for a while our bodies receive a reprieve from the heat and humidity. Awfully dramatic here onContinue reading “oh my goodness those short storms on Lake Garda”

The adventures of Colette and Godot

They fit perfectly into the hero’s journey. In fact, these two papillons were the heroes of my personal odyssey in many ways. They taught me how to listen to the call to adventure, so we sailed across the Atlantic, venturing deep into the belly of the whale. I was terrified but Colette and Godot keptContinue reading “The adventures of Colette and Godot”

The things my feet have seen and how my face is changing.

Daily maintenance dictates time, keeps us distracted and moving forward, we celebrate milestones and achieve the odd goal every now and then. I just passed an important Italian language test, got the results today; felt official and feels great, on my way as they say. Still, the moment arrives, as it did last night whileContinue reading “The things my feet have seen and how my face is changing.”

A minute of wind on Lake Garda

So many winds to choose from here on Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake – located two hours west of Venice and one hour from Europe’s most romantic balcony in Verona. The two main winds are called Peler, and Ora. Peler blows from the north, affecting the whole lake, but particularly the central and northern areas. It starts in theContinue reading “A minute of wind on Lake Garda”

The Magic of Piemonte; a little film

Locals would ask, “Why did you move to Piemonte?” They were genuinely curious. After all, I was the only American living in our town of Loazzolo. When Gore Vidal was asked ‘Why Rome?’ He thought Howard Hughes had it right, “How did a long nailed recluse end up in a sealed hotel room?” Hughes simplyContinue reading “The Magic of Piemonte; a little film”

Moving house is about new beginnings and letting go

When we move house it feels like a new beginning yet it’s often an exercise in memory, nostalgia; about the past. Each key received had teased me it could solve a mystery, and unlock the secrets of cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Bucharest or Prague yet Rome kept her secrets safely tucked inside.  Each move demandingContinue reading “Moving house is about new beginnings and letting go”

Italy has changed me

I’m not certain when, which day or year, but it did happen and just dawned on me the other day. For such a spontaneous person I can be slow; nice to know irony is not dead. I was in Riva del Garda when struck by this epiphany. I’d suspected it for some time, but nowContinue reading “Italy has changed me”

Climate does change, and it happens so fast.

Arrived in Riva yesterday, jumped on my bicycle and 5 minutes later this crazy storm errupted. I was at the piazza, parked my bike and ran into Cafe Italia. Surrounded by German tourists, I ordered a glass of white wine and watched. I’ve seen storms before, but this was dramatic, perhaps even unique. We haveContinue reading “Climate does change, and it happens so fast.”

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