No. 41: We’re on the hero’s journey together, perhaps our darkest hour, and yet the elixir is out there, waiting for us to find it.

Today’s Daily Bailey Alexander vid vignette explores Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero with a Thousand Faces’.

Alas, now we’re on the journey, together, billions of us. Having left the ordinary world, we’ve now entered the extraordinary one.

We need our mentor, we need to deal with the challenges, and overcome them so we can find the elixir, take it back to the ordinary world and share it with everyone. At least that’s the plan…

No. 38: Italy, specifically Piemonte, where the pasta is al dente and the coffee tastes like a milkshake

When the world opens up for travel they will want to come to Piemonte, where there’s a season for everything. Italy’s fine wine country, nestled up against the Alps, in the region they call Piemonte; the secret that needs to be told.

The home of slow food and cooking schools where joy is served and shared because food and wine are made with love. It’s what they do and it’s where they still have a season, and a sense of time for everything.

No. 37: Three funerals and a caffe in Piemonte

Unfortunately, another funeral; always in 3’s, indeed. First Zio Giacomo, last week, then Franco, now Stefano, today. I will finish my caffe shakerato, made by Massimiliano Poggio at Machi’s Bar here in Bubbio, then follow Stefano’s coffin on foot with the other Bubbiese, to the elegant cemetery in Bubbio…

Stefano’s son, Max, was my first friend here in Piemonte. I’ve no idea why, but Bubbio was where I went, in need. Our first year was fraught with minor drama, things broke, stuff happened, and my guy was often away, on a project. Loazzolo, our commune was too small, no store, not even a bar…