Climate does change, and it happens so fast. Arrived in Riva yesterday, jumped on my bicycle and 5 minutes later this crazy storm errupted. I was at the piazza, parked my bike and ran into Cafe Italia. Surrounded by German tourists, I ordered a glass of white wine and watched. I've seen storms before, but this was dramatic, perhaps even unique. We [...]

A little film about an extraordinary woman and her tiny food factory; a place where dreams come true. Some stories are told through food. Soon, I'll share the story of this extraordinary woman and her famous restaurant located in Cessole, Piemonte. It's called Ristorante Madonna delle Neve. It's known far and wide....and soon you'll know about it too : ) For now, a little film about an amazing woman and the business [...]

In the land where pasta is al dente and the coffee tastes like a milkshake Italy's often considered a country of artisans. What they do well they do better than most - just watching Massimiliano Poggio make a Caffè Shakerato offers an example. Tomorrow Italy begins to open up. I wonder how tourism will unfold. Here in Piemonte they don't rely on services and tourism, instead they spend most [...]

A little film about Lake Garda and how comics inspired Gary Lachman to go cosmic.

'A Couple of Europhiles' welcome Gary Lachman this week and it's a trip. We discuss how to keep your mind open to synchronicity and Gary dives deep into mysticism, esotericism as well as imagination and consciousness. As we cycle around the lake you can listen to Gary's youth and how he graduated from comics to [...]

You want seasons? I’ll give you three; my first summer here, flowers in full bloom, in June. Last year’s gothic fog and today’s rain. When I chose to settle down I wanted 4 seasons yet Piemonte came with so many of 'em. There's a time to plant vegetables, pick the grapes, cut back the vines, stack the wood, cut back the roses, hunt for truffle, fertilize the lawn, switch from our well to city water, trim the hortensia [...]