What it’s like at 17:57 on Lake Garda and how German elections remain on a knife’s edge

Here on Lake Garda, the lighting is beautiful and I'm still surrounded by the German accent. Soon, they will all leave their 'second homes' and go back to Germany but today, before they vote in their next leader it's very much in the air as to who will win the German Federal Election. Merkel is [...]

The American Hero: “I am somebody” Muhammad Ali

Once upon a time novels influenced societies and boxers ruled the world. I remember when my mother talked about my father and unleashed a secret, and then she told me how my father won the Golden Gloves Boxing championship in the 50's. Muv said, "That was the height of cool back then," and once upon [...]

Italy never ceases to amaze with this deep attachment to their magical land

Nicolas Gentile, a 37-year-old Italian pastry chef, did not just want to pretend to be a hobbit – he wanted to live like one. First, he bought a piece of land in the countryside of Bucchianico, near the town of Chieti in Abruzzo, where he and his wife started building their personal Shire from JRR Tolkien’s [...]

‘A Couple of Europhiles’ welcome Victor Janusz to play a few tunes and tell a lot of touching and funny stories.

We like to focus on Europe and politics but every now and then we stray and today - it's all about the music. (Links available below) For your listening pleasure we welcome Seattle's Premier Piano Man - Victor Janusz - including a few of his most romantic, jazzy and playful tunes. Through funny and touching [...]