For the first time, our tiny hamlet, Loazzolo, almost 1500 years old and so small, reported its first case of covid.

This brings it home. Like everywhere, Italy's cases have spiked, mostly young, they're testing a lot, but it's going to be tricky, isn't it, these next several weeks. Curfews in Lombardy and down south. France is having a challenge, with everyone crammed into Paris, idiots going to the beach, without masks, hurts the Cote d'Azur, [...]

Step inside the factory, enjoy the fantasy of a favorite dish; the reality of how family and food stay strong in Italy. Interview No. 7: yet another amazing interview, a wondrous tale, a fantastic story about an old woman with an apron. How she built an incredible business, beloved and well known across borders. It's called Madonna Delle Neve, in Cessole, in the region of Piemonte. My next book will include a 12 interviews with 12 [...]