Pilgrimages, like any movement can be liberating, even when the road feels disorienting; but there must be a fixed destination

I wrote about pilgrimages in "A European Odyssey". I wrote how liberating they could feel, like when I drove along the precarious passages in Romania called the Transalpina and Tranfaragasan. It was disorienting because they often don't have railings, and quite often you don't see another car for miles. Eventually it felt liberating because I [...]

What the hell and who in heaven’s name is QAnon; this vid and these experts, including Gary Lachman, do help explain away.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=9s7Iy5CS1HE&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=RebelWisdom Rebel Wisdom, on youtube, explains QAnon like this, and I can only paraphrase. "It's an all encompassing conspiracy theory, the kind that explains everything. It's like a religious, no, scratch that, it's a deeply religious mindset, it's an ecstatic religious movement. QAnon must be trusted, apparently, and, it's perfectly designed to give its followers [...]

Now there’s a quote…

It's worth a listen to hear all about Qanon, a recent phenomenon. You can hear a great deal here, from a few experts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s7Iy5CS1HE&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=RebelWisdom This religious, ecstatic thinking is growing, as is the analysis of recent events. I started talking about three pathologies about 20 years; litigious disease, victimology and evangelicalism. I think they all [...]

It’s like we’re living in a detective novel, waiting for the pieces of the puzzle to fit together, trying to keep our minds sane and lucid. Gary Lachman’s article not only helps unravel the mystery, he delivers…

Gary's article is available on garylachman.co.uk and it's an excellent read. His Italian publisher asked Gary to reflect on the events at the Capitol. And he delivers some great content. He explains the 'perceived reality' Trump has been able to infect so many with, it unravels the chaos magick, and how this new age of [...]

You know when you can’t express something, and someone else captures its essence? Gary Lachman nails it in his article about the event at the Capitol, including Trumpism, why this may be an opener, chaos magick, conspiracy theories and what the progressive critics missed. It’s such an insightful article I read it out loud on our podcast.

If you wish to read the article it's available at garylachman.co.uk

Here in Europe, Italy is now leading those vaccinated at 627,000 with Germany right behind. In fact, I think Italy has the fastest daily growth vaccination completion rate.

The UK is at 2 million, which sounds great, but I think they've made the controversial decision to forego the second jab, which is highly recommended. Perhaps to keep up the numbers and/or due to their situation being so dire, I do not know. All that I do know is that I'm happy to live [...]

When I moved to Piemonte I had aspirations but soon realised it wasn’t just about learning how to listen to the trees. A story began to unfold…

I had moved so many times and met so many interesting people. But for the first time I wasn't keen on meeting more friends, instead I was consumed with the land, about learning how to become self-sufficient. I was focused on finishing my book detailing the odyssey taken to get here; and yet the people [...]

A little film about America’s pathologies, an Odyssey and demystifying consciousness

https://videopress.com/v/qMLdiqVj?preloadContent=metadata 20 years ago I started writing about America's pathologies, which include victimology, litigiousness and evangelicalism. And what about the latter, are they just fundamentalist, or simply insane. They let us know of their anger, their resentment, thanks to Trump inciting them, as it culminated in that insurrection at the Capitol. 20 years ago, those [...]